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Seller Union teamed up with a group of talented, programmers, developers and seller community leaders to create a new  e-commerce marketplace, which will combine the cryptocurrency universe and reinvent the whole experience  of selling physical products through the internet.


If you agree with us, that a marketplace can thrive without the need of draconian policies, listing blocks, suspensions and horror stories,  feel free to support our vision of a friendly selling experience and add your e-mail to the waitlist!

About our new project

Crypto & E-commerce Combined

Gone are the times when fundamentals mattered and people were trapped in 9-to-5 jobs for the rest of their lives, unless they got lucky and discovered a profitable business model.


These days, anyone can earn a fortune thanks to the internet and the popularity of e-commerce or cryptocurrency.


We would like to take the benefits of both worlds and combine them into a universal platform, where you can both earn crypto and sell physical products to customers. If you don’t wish to be paid in crypto, you can still select traditional means of payments.


And the best part? Our focus will be aimed at providing you the best selling experience and at the same time, offering the widest variety of products to customers. This means that we won’t be removing listings or blocking seller accounts - every single seller is important for us!


What is so special about our new marketplace?

Our entire team consists of seasoned e-commerce merchants, who processed thousands of orders across numerous platforms including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Ecrater, Bonanza, Shopify and many others, over several years.


We perfectly understand all of the fears, struggles and worries of sellers like you and we are aiming to bring you a marketplace, which addresses everything what is wrong with current leading platforms and deliver a pleasant change.


If you are wondering, how can we succeed in a competitive market like this, unlike others - we won’t be starting from zero. We already have a large community of supporters and operate several highly active social media groups. This means, that we won’t need to invest a significant amount of resources into promoting our website.


When are you going to launch the marketplace?

Our team of talented developers is tirelessly working on finishing our amazing project as soon as possible.


While we don’t have any exact launch date, we are anticipating to invite first sellers to test the platform in summer 2022.


We are hoping to publicly launch the platform by January 2023.

Can I sell on your marketplace?

Please enter your e-mail into the form above and we will contact you as soon as seller registrations are available.

Will there be any selling fees?

We won’t be charging any regular store subscription or membership fees. A small 5% fee will be withheld out of each sale processed.


What payment methods will be accepted on your marketplace?

Both cryptocurrency and payments using regular means, including credit cards will be accepted.

I am a 100% FBA seller, how will this work for me?

We will have a special selling plan dedicated to sellers like you, who don’t physically keep their products in possession.

Will I be able to import my listings and Seller Feedback from my existing storefronts?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make selling as easy as possible and you will be able to import not just your listings but the amount of seller ratings as well.


This way, you will be immediately presented to customers as a seasoned seller, rather than a newbie.

Do you have the name / trademark / logo already?

Of course! But we prefer not to make any public announcements before the official launch of our platform, while we are having our trademark registry processed.

Business Models Which Will Be Supported On Our Platform


Private reselling


Professional reselling


B2B wholesale





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